A set direction,Is king ~

Welcome like-minded friends to join together – Yan Tang Hou operations team

CFO ~ YoYo Yan


10 years of experience in financial accounting,Chinese Tea specialist qualified person,University undergraduate accounting

Technical Director - Hou Qingsheng


Tea business、Identification of tea、Tea competitions,35Years of experience

CEO ~ KING teacher


Full e-commerce network operators 20 years of experience,Familiar electricity supplier business models

Core staff

Promotion Director of Operations - ming teacher

Internet project management and marketing experience in 10 years,Familiar electricity supplier promotion measures

China Sales Director ~ Chris tribute

Business sales China Region,Offline product promotion,20 years of experience in the development path

Sales Director Europe ~ Alvin

Austrian Chinese,European development path,15 years of experience in business promotion,Chinese、English、German simultaneous translation

Director of Sales, Americas ~ KLYDE

Argentine Chinese,Canadian college,North America、Latin American development path,20 years of experience in corporate management,Chinese、English、Latin simultaneous translation

Director Pang tea ~

Taiwan tea division presidents,Tea plantation management、Tea sales、50 years of experience in tea

Site Technical Director ~ Peter

Through extension technology systems engineer,Web hosting,Function Development,Server Management,10Years of experience

Design Director ~ rice teacher

Calligraphy ten,UI design、page design、poster design、6 years experience in graphic design

Branding Director ~ Daniel

Global Tesco promotion director,Brand Promotion,SEO Optimization,Social Promotion,8 years experience


Organizational development consultant Mr. Zhang

Good thing Founder,2014Successful first round of the $ 3.25 million in venture capital,And efficient development platform for Internet

Enterprise Strategy Consultant RMr

Foxconn regional general manager,Familiar with the layout of the global business strategy,Listed companies at home and abroad joint management team experience in 30 years

Systems Technical Consultant Pocket teacher

Technical director of a listed company,20 years experience in developing large-scale systems,Tencent involved、Million net、Baidu outsourcing projects

Enterprise Falvguwen He Lawyers

Chinese business law firm,10 years of experience practicing lawyers,Familiar with the company regulations and enterprise management system